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Browser compatibility with Webdriver

May 26th

You have just delivered your latest web application but the first test the end user makes fails because it isn't working on the browser he is using. Sounds familiar, well the this text is for you. You can first create your functional tests with Selenium webdriver and then with a little help of a custom JUnit runner, you can test it on multiple browsers.

CDI Specializes

March 30th

Just as CDI itself, CODI (the extensions to CDI of the MyFaces community) is very extensible by nature. But we shouldn't only see the extensions possibilities, there is also a way to redefine the functionality offered by CODI and CDI. This text explains you how to use the @Specializes annotation to override some functionality.

JSF Security

March 10th

In most JSF application, the rendered attribute is used to show a component based on some business rules and some EL is present to determine if the component should be visible. But since security is a cross cutting concern, it shouldn't be mixed with the business logic code. In the text you find a tutorial on how to use the securedCompoent CODI add-on that was made to have a proper JSF security implementation based on CDI beans.

Custom components

Januari 27th

This text give you an introduction about creating custom components with JSF 2.0. Also the ability to create new composite components in a declarative way can be found here. Together with the integration of facelets, I find it one of the most important new features of JSF 2.0

Required field indication with ExtVal - Part 2

December 21th

This time you can read about the required label add-on that allows you to have an indication on the label if the field is required. The default behaviour, configuration options and the internals, you can read them all here. This is the second article in two article series.

Myfaces Extensions Validator release 4

November 11th

A new version of the Myfaces Extensions Validator , ExtVal in short, is out. Once again there are a few new features and improvements to the existing ones. Read more.

Required field indication with ExtVal - Part 1

November 3th

By using ExtVal you can have powerful validations by specifying annotations on the model and backing beans classes and properties. But the 'old' way of indicating a required field (for example change in background color of the field or label get an additional *) with custom renderers no longer work. In this text you can see that with ExtVal there is a much easier way. It is the first in a two articles series about required field indication with ExtVal.

MyFaces Test framework

September 28th

With the Myfaces test framework, the revived test module of Apache Shale, you can write out of container tests for objects that are very tight linked to the JSF lifecycle. In the text you can see how two artefects cooperate to have a percentage field and how it can be tested.

RSS feed for my MyFaces committer status

July 23th

It was already planned a long time ago, but never found the time to do it: Add RSS feed to the site. The fact that I became a Myfaces committer was a good reason to implement it (at last). Greetings to the MyFaces community.

JSF application configuration which is testable

July 13th

Java constants are good, but sometimes you wished that you could reset them for unit testing purposes. This text explains a good way of providing application configuration which becomes more testable by using a test per class loader concept that can reset your constants

JSF: EL Map notation alias

June 9th

Were you ever tired of writing hunderds of resource keys like this #{msg['key.test.resolver']} in JSF 1.2 or higher. All those quotes and brackets don't type very elegant. Well after you have read the following text you might using #{msg$key.test.resolver} in the future.

JSF: DRY in handling business exceptions

April 20th

What if you have service methods that can throw Business Exceptions. Should you handle them individually at the backing bean level or install some generic code in JSF that handles things gracefully for you ? read more.

Resources corner

April 8th

Created a resource corner. For the moment, you can find the demo applications I made for a presentation overthere.

Myfaces Extension Validator release 3

march 23th

Last weekend, the 3th release of the Myfaces Extension Validator framework was done. You now can even integrate Bean validation JSR303. read more.


march 5th

Why another site about JSF? There are plenty of sites where you can find information about the usage of the JSF Framework. Well, the primary reason for this 'JSF Corner' was that I needed an area where I could place some of the work I'm doing for the myfaces community.

So during the coming months, I'll post here my work related to the Extension Validation framework and other Myfaces projects. But you will find also some resources, documentation and links related to JSF.

So check this site monthly and stay up to date

Hope that I can help some people with the information presented here.