Pierre Poliakoff's Applications

Applications developped in C#


Scratchpad is a notepad like software that performs automatic save of your work.



NXT Bluetooth Tester

NXT Bluetooth tester allows you to send commands from your PC directly to the Lego NXT brick using the Bluetooth protocol.

DOWNLOAD NXT Bluetooth tester


More detail about those applications and the source code are available on code project

99 Basic

a Basic interpreter (not yet finished)


Silverlight Developments

I am currently experimenting small game development in Silverlight 3. Please be aware that you may need to download the Silverlight plug-in to be able to use them.

Speed Connect

A first preliminary version of a Tetris Like game where you connect pipes together Speed Connect


The Classic game from the 70's: I wanted to see if it was possible to probgram a game in Silverlight like we used to program games on a Comodore 64 or a Zx Spectrum


Signal Generator

This small application allows you to use you PC's sound card as a low frequency signal generator. Supported wave forms are sinus, square, triangular and sawtooth.