..About Bernthøler..
(..the band of my youth)
In September 1981 we decided to form a Band with 3 good friends of mine :Manu, Drita and Pol. The line up was: Manu Drita Pol, and me, Simon.

We decided on the name " Bernthøler " from a single of Virna Lindt , "Attention Stokholm".
We never tried to make it big, the purpose was only to make music in the kitchen , then in the library , smoking or drinking in the evening , looking at the stars and dreaming.
On December 8 1981, along with Jean Charles, my brother, we made our first Video. It was with"The Choice" (aka "Adrian & Jonathan"). (avalable on the LTM compilation )
In April 82 we created our first single , Japanese Garden/The Others . The line-up was :

*Drita on lead singing
*Pol on Bass
*Manu on Synth (Korg and String)
*Simon on Guitar ("Japaneese Garden") and Saxophone ("The others")
*Perry Rose as guest on Guitar ("The others") and voices("Japaneese Garden")

In June 82 we shot our second Video with the help of my brother Jean Charles , it was:"Japanese garden".
Perry left us in October 82 and , after several gigs in November 82 , we stopped for a while.
In early 1983 the band met up to have a think about our future and we decided to carry on.
In August 83 created our second Single , best known under the name of " My Suitor ". (Also video avalable on the LTM compilation )

The line up was :

*"My Suitor" : Drita on vocal , Simon on Emulators , Piano and Synth's
*"Emotions" : Drita on Vocals , Pol on Bass , Manu on synth's , Simon on guitar.

This single was surprisingly well received in Belgium , especially in Brussels and in the north of the country .
We made a deal with the young English Blanco y Negro record label . After 3 years working with a Rythm-box , we hired our first drummer called Gino , who was a hell of a Drummer , making more noise than a herd of wild horses. He was sacked after 3 months , and we took back our old Roland TR-606. Manu played guitar and I took on the keyboards. In spring 84 we recorded a 12" with a long version of "My Suitor" , made by Wim Mertens and Drita , and "Lunacies" , a more sophisticated jazzy ballad . The line up was then :

*Drita on lead singing
*Pol on bass and fretless bass
*Manu on Synth String Multivox
*Simon on Folk-Guitar, reverse Electric-guitar and Hammond B-3 Organ

Around that time, we also recorded a first Demo Session at the L.B.O. with the supposed follow-up to "My Suitor" , a folk ballad called "You grabbed me by the hand" .
In September 84 we hired another drummer named Pierre , who remained with us until the end. In December 84 we completed our last recording sessions at the L.B.O.
On April 30 th 1984 we gave our last concert with Drita , and then split up after a gig with Nikki Mono because of too many internal problems , no support from the record company , and no real will to carry on.

Since then , "My Suitor" became a kind of Cult-hit , and is to be found on some compilations .

In 1997 I put together a collection of our best recordings , including "My Suitor" , "Lunacies" , "You grabbed me", and other stuff , and began to receive mails asking for it.
Due to the increasing enquieries for the compilation , an official record with 14 tracks , 3 Video tracks and an extended booklet with pictures and sleevers'note is since 2004 avalable on the english independent label LTM . You may also find there the record of Ink , new project of Drita . If you once get a copy , let me know what you think of it and send me a Mail simon.rigot@gmail.com

You'll find more detailed dates on the Bernthøler page made by Dirk Houbrechts in the Belgian pop and rock archives http://houbi.com/belpop/groups/berntholer.htm , also and the very accurate Bernthøler | Merry Lines in the Sky by James Nice (© 2000 ) who later worked hard to put together the LTM compilation

In January 2000 we were asked to have a Bernthøler reunion , but Drita didn't want to , and we decided to do something with Sarah Bogart (who already covered "My Suitor" in 1999) as guest singer, Pol and Simon as original musicians , and Lydia (Simon's girlfriend), for some very nice indian inspired Tim Buckley cover of Song slowly song . But it's not Bernthøler .

Link to my actual band The Narcotic Daffodils


Many thanks to SMG from London for the translation help