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             First read below text, then vote by clicking the flower images!
We are trying to find the best flower image on the web!

The idea is that you first click on the one image that you find the most appealing flower.
Only your first click on the image will be registrated and will influence the final ranking.
(do not attempt to influence the ranking by multiple clicks on the same flower, it won't work)
After you have viewed your favorite flower picture, you can view all the other photos you like.
You will see the full-size picture by clicking on below small pictures, additionally it will show the author,species and the website link.

All the images were given to us by the people of the internet community.
Now it's up to all of you to choose the best flower picture.
Every week we will make a new ranking of the 10 best flower images.
Only the best nine will stay on this page.
The tenth picture will be chosen from the flower photos you can send to us.

  Why should I participate in this flower picture contest?
What's in it for me?
Well there are no prizes...
But you will have the fame and glory to own one
of the best flower images
additionally you will have your website promoted!

Week after week and month after month here you will find the TOP flower pictures,
the ones people really like!!

  How participate in this contest?
Sent your most gorgeous flower picture to below Email.
The photo must be big, around 1200x800 pixels and free to use.
In your Email we need following info:
Voted BEST picture Second best 3th position 4th position 5th position
Green envy...Flower Flower an Bee flower and waterdrup blue water lily Orange Violet
Tulip Flower water lily Flower Passion flower A 						rose Sunflower field
6th position 7th position 8th position 9th position 10th position
-Your name & Email address
-Your URL address
-A short story about your flower photo.

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RUNNER UP photos
Here below you find the flower pictures that just didn't make it to the top 10 flower images yet. Don't worry if people vote more for a runner up they might make it to the top 10.
The ranking can change every week!
Runner up 1 Runner up 2 Runner up 3 Runner up 4 Runner up 5
Rose Blue Orchid Flower echinacea close up Look close two bugs! enter the flower competition
Picture quality an legal issues
Remember: We need quality flower pictures.
Do not sent us poor images, they will not be accepted.

   Link to New Bonsai Art
 2009 J.G.Productions
The picture you sent us must be as good as the quality flowers pictures
you will find on this site.
Maybe add some interesting features like a butterfly, water or an insect.
But keep your photo simple.
And finally, be aware that the photos you sent us must be free
to use and free to be downloaded by other people.
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